Monday, February 22, 2010

International Conference on 1-to-1 in education (First Day)

We present here a summary of the first day of an International Conference hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Education and jointly organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the World Bank (WB).

In the framework of RG-T1709 ICT Impact on Education in Latin America: Knowledge Products and Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators the IDB has also sponsored 8 regional panelists to present their experiences in 1-to-1 and reproduce the learning gained at the Conference back in their countries.

Opening session by the Austrian Ministry of Education
Our Austrian host open the conference with a welcome and an overview of ICT in Education in Austria for more information please go to

Opportunities and risks of 1-to-1 in education: international perspectives
Brief introduction on the institutional perspective on 1-to-1 by the 3 hosting organizations: World Bank ( Mike Trucano) , OECD ( Fransesc Pedro) and IDB ( Carla Jimenez).

Monitoring the use and results: how countries know what is going on in the terrain?
Presentation and discussion:

Gilles Ribaux Eastern Township School Board- ( Canada)
Describes the initiative with Apple computers with over 60 students with interesting survey results. For more information go to:

Carmen Martinez Urbasun Digital Whiteboard Program ( Aragon, Spain)
1-to-1 use of tablet PC in Aragon for more information go to:

IDB sponsored panelist Oscar Becerra ( Peru)
1-to-1 with OLPC experience of Peru. For more information go to:

Alfons ten Brummelhuis Kennisnet (Netherlands)
Experience in The Netherlands. More information:

Ami Volanski ( Israel)
Described an experience in Israel from the side of an NGO. More information:

Supporting users: how are teachers and pupils supported?
Presentation and discussion

IDB sponsored panelist: Alicia Banuelos representing San Luis, Argentina
Rich presentation on the details of San Luis project

Francesc Colome (Generalitat de Catalunya/Barcelona/Spain )
Describes educat1x1 and its support to teachers for more information please go to:

Jose Victor Pedroso Ministry of Education ( Portugal )
Describes e-escolinha, for more information go to

Riina Vourikari – (European Schoolnet )
Described how does Schoolent support teachers
for more information go to:

The policy expectations: why countries are investing on 1-to-1?
Presentations and discussions

Bette Manchester ( Maine. United States)
On why Maine decided to do a 1-to-1 project starting back in 2000. For more information go to:

IDB sponsored panelist Fernando Brum Plan Ceibal (Uruguay)
Presents on why should countries invest on 1-to-1 in education with clear data on Uruguay’s investment. For more information go to

Joao Pedro Ruivo (Portugal)
Overall strategy of ICT in education in Portugal
For more information go to:

John Kershaw New Brunswick ( Canada)
Description on New Brunswicks experiences and lessons learned. For more information go to:

Rodrigo Arboleda ( OLPC Foundation). Principles and goals of One Laptop per Child initiative. For more information go to:



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