Friday, May 28, 2010

Chile: ICT in Education International Seminar

Use of Information Technologies and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in education systems will undoubtedly be a key tool in improving the quality of education, whereas, obviously, that certain conditions are met in their design, implementation and evaluation.
Without the incorporation serious, systematic and comprehensive ICT education systems are unlikely to be able to tailor its operation to the characteristics of their students and families, and the demands of the labor market and society.
In this context, the Seminar "From the Chalk to Click" to provide a platform to promote dialogue and debate.


Deepening the construction of a future perspective on the use of ICTs in education and the opportunities and challenges that this imposes in Chile.


- Available evidence about learning outcomes and their relationship to the use of ICT.
- Emerging Perspectives in the use of ICTs in education.
- International experiences on the incorporation of ICT in Education.
- Role of teachers in the incorporation of ICTs as tools of the impact on student learning.
- Innovative practices are being used today.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Conceptual Framework Projects for the use of Information and Communication Technologies in Education

Incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into areas of education is no longer optional. Countries, regions and schools are driven to develop new initiatives that take into consideration the incorporation of these tools into teaching and learning processes, so that education systems can connect the society’s new demands for knowledge with the new characteristics of the learners who are part of these systems.
This document presents and describes a Conceptual Framework that endeavors to support the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of projects that aim to incorporate the use of ICTs for the purpose of improving the quality of education. It also presents a list of indicators that can aid in achieving this purpose if aligned with the Conceptual Framework itself.
This work is part of the IDB-led initiative to develop, in tandem with other international organizations, a common Framework and Indicators that will lend support to decision making in different countries.
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