Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Digital textbooks for Chile

When the Ministry of Education distributes textbooks, is actually doing three different things at once: is selecting educational content, printed paper is buying and is paying for all this comes to all schools. How these three operations could change if the Ministry of Education decided to digitize textbooks, as it has done as South Korea and the United States has just announce?

The most obvious change is the distribution. With digital texts, placed in a digital reading device (eReader) or a low-cost tablet, each year you could add or modify the content to update them remotely without the need for warehouses, inventory, trucks and vans, which as we know, not always reach their destination. If the devices include touch function (as indeed do all the tablets and several eReaders already on the market) could be included right there activities that students must perform in them.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Publication: "Una Laptop por Niño" in Peru Evaluation

The use of technologies in education is not a magic and rapid solution through which educational problems and challenges can be solved with the simple acquisition of technological devices and systems. Improving the quality of education remains one of the main issues in political agendas for all countries, especially developing ones. The main task for policy makers continues to be finding comprehensive and systemic solutions, focused on students and their learning, for which the use of technology will be a key and unavoidable, but instrumental, among other activities and strategies for achieving the proposed objectives.

The lack of educational use and of new learning practices among teachers and students explain the absence of improvement in learning tests and the moderately positive results in the development of cognitive skills. The evaluation found a higher level of teachers´ satisfaction and moderately positive results in the development of students' analytical skills. On the other hand, lack of connectivity, the limited amount of available educational resources on the machines, and doubts concerning the possibility of using the computers at home, have detracted learning opportunities from students. 

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